So, this is Mitch Benn’s “Proud of the BBC”, with associated clips of everything he mentions in the song. The original video is great (and I have friends in it) but this is awesome.)

The BBC is one of the best things our country has ever done.

April is… music… month??

Yeah, the inevitable happened and I am now considerably behind in the song-a-day challenge (although I do have a legit excuse as I’ve been away visiting old uni friends). I’m going to try and get things back on schedule over the next couple of days. This will probably involve queuing some posts in advance (something I’ll be trying for the first time) as I’m going to be house-sitting (something else I’ll be trying for the first time. Send help) next week. I will get the hang of this regular tumblring thing, I swear.

April 6th: A song that makes you want to dance


Usually with music videos with a dance routine involved, I am generally impressed with the dancing and will think something along the lines of “It must be cool to be able to do that.” With Spike Jonze’s ‘live music video’ featuring the brilliant Greta Gerwig, that feeling is bypassed completely in favour of a need to go out and dance in my back garden, in the middle of the road, anywhere, immediately. The studio version of the song has the same effect, as do most things that James Murphy has had a hand in creating (he produced the track along with the rest of Arcade Fire’s 2013 album ‘Reflektor’). There’s something pure and joyful about both the song and Greta’s visual realization of it that is really emotionally affecting. It almost explicitly invites you to join in.

April 5th: A song that needs to be played LOUD

The title track of Sleigh Bells’ latest album, which came out last year. If you feel the need to play this on any volume other than 100% then I have some questions for you, such as “Why?” and “Seriously, why??” Not much else to say about this song except that it’s a great one to blast out if you need to feel slightly more badass, or if you already feel badass and want the rest of the world to know.

April 4th: A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about

SO, basically, I had a year or so towards the end of secondary school in which, in a way many people will probably recognize from their own teen years, I went a bit off-course. I was talking to and spending time with people I definitely shouldn’t have been spending time with, lied to a lot of people who were understandably worried about me… I was, generally speaking, a bit of an idiot. The fallout from this period was brutal, as you can probably imagine.

At the time, I was pretty obsessed with Alkaline Trio and especially with this song from their second album, ‘Maybe I’ll Catch Fire’. It was just really raw, and bitter, and everything I was feeling at the time. I stayed a big fan of the Trio for a good few years, but as I got older and made better friends and began to feel better about everything, it was as if everything I did aged fourteen was someone else, and not someone I would particularly want to know.

So yes, when I think of that year, ‘Radio’ is the first song that always springs to mind, but no, luckily it doesn’t work the other way: When I hear the song it reminds me more of the gig they played at my university campus which they ended with this song, and how nineteen-year-old me (incidentally, far more pleasant) waited outside afterwards for them to come out and meet the fans. It was snowing. They brought us pizza. I got an Awkward Half Hug from Matt Skiba. It was the best day.